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Broncos Draft Prospects - OG Austin Wuebbels

The next draft prospect scheduled to work out for the Denver Broncos is Missouri’s Austin Wuebbels. A 6-4, 300 lb. Offensive Guard, Wuebbels was a three year starter for the Tigers, with 38 consecutive games as their Right Guard.

Austin didn’t get an invitation to the Combine this year but put up 40 reps on the Bench Press at his Pro Day. That would have been the third best figure at the combine. Here are the rest of his numbers.

40 Yard Time: 5.31
20 Yard Time: 3.01
10 Yard Time: 1.87
Bench Press: 40
Vertical Jump: 31"
Broad Jump: 8'8"
20 Yard Shuttle: 4.56
3-cone Drill: 7.78
Arm Length: 32 3/8"
Hand Span: 9 1/8"
Wingspan: 77 3/8"
Birthdate: 10/27/1988

Austin's teammates describe him as a headache, because he hits so hard you get a headache after you are done seeing stars. You notice the speed and the playmaking on the field, but you probably don't see Austin Wuebbels' strength in the trenches.

"I'll see him pulling around and I better be going 100 percent. I better be going full speed here or I'm going to get knocked out and every time I do I know it's a headache coming around, but I gotta do it," said teammate Andrew Wilson.

Power and hitting people off the ball are his specialty. Wuebbels is the strongest player on the (Missouri) roster, a title he earned last summer when he set a school record in the bench press, putting up 225 pounds 45 times. That’s only four short of the NFL scouting combine record set by Chicago Bears rookie Stephen Paea. In the same week he set the record, Wuebbels bench-pressed 500 pounds, also a team record, both of which were held by former offensive guard Tony Palmer.

"If I could pick one person to bring to a fight, that’s my guy," receiver T.J. Moe said of Wuebbels. "You don’t want to fight him. Nobody wants to fight him. It shows on the field, too. Those D-linemen don’t want any part of Austin. He’ll just push you around."

In February, 2011, Bill C. of Rock M Nation, a SBNation sister site, had this to say:

"In 2009, I noticed Austin Wuebbels quite a bit (and you really don’t want to notice individual linemen, as it typically means he messed up), and I almost never did in 2010. He cut down on his mistakes and matured in his second years as a starter. Wuebbels is the Mean Guy of the offensive line, unafraid of getting into a scrap. He is likely a solid incumbent at this point, and when we hint at competition, it is more in regard to the other returning starting guard."

By the time August rolled around, the tune had changed:

Wuebbels endured his growing pains and 2009, and though there were moments of regression along the way, he seemed to grow up as 2010 progressed. He cut down on his mistakes and matured in his second years as a starter. Wuebbels is the resident "Mean Guy" of the offensive line."

Draftinsider believes Austin will go in the 6th round and calls him a tough, small area blocker that plays with a nasty attitude. Strong at the point, easily controls defenders once engaged in a block and plays smart football.

There isn't a whole lot on Austin Wuebbels. He's a mean guy who likes to hit and a terrific run blocker. If he gets his hands on you, you're screwed.

He's a Right Guard, but also played on the Left side as a Sophmore. He could be insurance for Kuper though. He will probably be drafted in the 6th round or later, but he was part of the top rushing unit in the Big 12 last year.

One thing’s for sure though, John Fox likes big, mean maulers on his Offensive Line.

Go Broncos!

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