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Peyton Manning Calls Day One Of Broncos' Off-season Workouts "Productive"

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The Denver Broncos have taken another step towards the Peyton Manning era. Off-season workouts began today, and with it came Manning's first press conference as the starting quarterback of the Broncos - in a working sense. Manning is meeting with the media now, and there have already been some notable quotes.

When asked about day 1, Manning said what was expected:

Manning also made a point of saying that he got on the field with a couple of players. Manning is allowed to throw to receivers during this portion of the workout program as long as coaches are not involved and there no one is covering the receivers.

Manning called the new CBA rules regarding off-season workouts a 'challenge', specifically in the development of younger players. One player not considered 'young' would be former Broncos and Colts wide receiver Brandon Stokley. Wehn asked about the prospects of Stokley joining the Broncos, Manning gave his recommendation, "Any time that management wants to add good football players to this team, I'm all in favor of it."

Of course, Manning was also asked about his health and he let it be known that he was not going to give 'weekly reports' on his health status. It sure is fun to talk football again!