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2012 MHR Community Mock Draft: Cleveland Browns Select Justin Blackmon, Wide Receiver, Oklahoma State

With the fourth pick in the 2012 MHR Community mock draft, the Cleveland Browns select:

Justin Blackmon, wide receiver, Oklahoma State

Browns GM: DBroncs1414

Pick explanation: Its quite obvious this team needs an offensive playmaker at any position. With Richardson off the board, this pick is that much easier to make. While I do question Blackmon's ability to be as good as Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald, I do believe he's a great player who can give the offense the spark it needs. I don't believe McCoy is the answer but at the same time I question whether Tannehill is either and don't believe in taking a QB with such little experience so early.

Commissioner's analysis: With Richardson off the clock, the only thing I think this does is make the Browns more likely to trade down. I don't think Blackmon fits what Mike Holmgren likes to do in the draft in terms of not drafting receivers early, but trends are meant to be bucked. I really like Blackmon, but I'm not sure he's going to be able to live up to the pressure of being a top five selection. He was extremely productive in college, and he has great talent, but he's nowhere near a similar athlete to guys like Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, or Calvin Johnson. I think this is an okay pick, but the Browns would have been better off going for a superior prospect like Morris Claiborne or Matt Kalil.