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Draft Week Monday: Elway Speaks

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Only three days away folks.

The building of the new era Denver Broncos will go under its second draft under John Elway. Elway spoke today about various positions and draft needs.


We don’t feel as bad about our tackles as everybody else does," Elway said. "I think that we feel okay there and Ty Warren will be back coming off an injury and (Kevin) Vickerson is coming back and then we have some young guys in there where we feel like we’ll be okay.

Interesting. To the fans, defensive tackle is a major need and I am sure the front office knows that it has to be addressed. I always say 90% of what you hear this week is smoke but I am really starting to be convinced that we do not go after a defensive tackle at twenty-five.


"We struggled all last year against anybody that spread us out. That is the thing," Elway said. "Every team has needs. It’ s just a matter of the impact of the people you can find to help solve that need.

"You can never have enough good corners; you can never have enough good pass rushers. There is no question, corner is another spot that is very vital if you’re going to be good on the defensive side because of where the game is going and the amount of spread offense that we’re seeing now you have to be good in the secondary.

But, you’re only as good as your pass rush too. You have to combine both of those. Obviously our pass rush is better than it’s been, but we have to get better when people spread us out."

The Giants have done that well drafting pass rushers all the time. The Broncos did miss it when one of the top guys were hurt but I still believe the key to our pass rush has to be up the middle.


"You can look at every position that we have on our team and we can get better everywhere. You can look and see we have a lot of depth on the offensive lines, the tight ends — we’re young there. You can look at every position and say, ‘OK, they probably have a need there.’

"I think the thing is that everybody looks at us and when you look at us and the NFL at a whole, every team looks at their team the way we look at ours and everybody has holes and is trying to fix holes and get better at different areas. You can look at all the different ones and bring them all up and try to get better at every position."

"As I said last year, you have a lot more misses in my mind when you draft to need,"

Things will get very interesting this week. I am starting to feel like the front office is not happy about our secondary, especially with the retirement of Brian Dawkins. Could use some more veteran players back there (*cough* Asante Samuel *cough*)