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2012 NFL Draft: Denver Broncos Trade Draft Picks with New England Patriots

The Denver Broncos traded their 25th overall pick for the New England Patriots' 1st and 4th round picks (31 and 126, respectively).

What this trade tells us, more than anything, is that the Denver Broncos have specific players in mind and are being very conservative in this draft. With the option of taking Dont'a Hightower with the 25th pick, they decided to forgo picking the best player available in favor of moving down in the draft and taking a player that could fit their system a bit more.

Dont'a Hightower is a much larger, downhill linebacker that fits into the Patriots' defensive scheme much better than he would have fit into the Broncos' system. It's a fair trade, from that regard. The Patriots get a guy they want and the Broncos stockpile 4th round draft picks to help them maneuver more easily as the weekend progresses.

It will be interesting to see who the Broncos target with the 31st overall pick.