A Link And A Question


The link is to the End of Draft Press Conference with EFX. It's posted on The question is - for any techies out there, or anybody with more common sense than me - how do I watch it? I'm a country boy in rural Idaho where we've got satellite internet that fluctuates from like 100kbps to 400kbps. I don't know if my internet is just slower than the rest of America's but it takes me about an hour to buffer a 15 minute video at No other sites take that long. So is it just me or is it the site? The bigger problem I have, though, is that those videos can't be keyed to start buffering from any moment of time except the beginning. My internet stops buffering the video, the video plays to the point where it stopped buffering and then I have to re-buffer from the beginning and do it all over again. It keeps happening. It's like my internet loses connection for a brief second or whatever so then I have to go back and start all over. Is there a way that I can download those videos or watch them on a different forum? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks in advance for any help. Oh, and the link. Yeah, check it out... if you can :)