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Nike Bronco Uniform Watch - Open Thread

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In less than an hour from now at 11:00 AM et, the wait will be over and the new Orange Denver Broncos uniforms will be unveiled by Nike at the NFL store in New York City. As of April 1st, the famous footwear company now has the rights to exclusively produce gear for the National Football League after Reebok has been the supplier for the last decade. The uniforms won't be available for public purchase until April 15th, but there is some cool products out right now, such as this Pro Combat Men's shirt.

A few details have been unfurled -- There shouldn't be any drastic changes in the design, with exceptions being the Carolina Panthers and Seattle Seahawks who have opted to tweak their logos. All 32 teams will use Nike's "Speed Machine" template that we have seen on college uniforms. They are 30% lighter when dry and 50% lighter when wet using new technology and fabric design.

So join the wait as the next eagerly anticipated NFL event unfolds.

Go Broncos!