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The MHR Awards Show

On a number of SB Nation sites the staffers run a members awards ceremony where the members submit other members for nomination and then vote on who should win what awards, such as "Most Knowledgeable," "Best Sig" or "Best Mocks." The Dolphins' Phinsider and Eagles' Bleeding Green Nation sites run two of the best ones I've seen. After some thought we've decided to see what members at Mile High Report thought of this idea. While we have the framework in place, we just need you to answer a few questions for us:

- Do you want to do a members award ceremony?
- Do you want to include only members, only staffers or both?
- Any suggestions on a name for the awards ceremony (The Phinsider one is named the Matty Awards after their first staffer)
- Any suggestions on awards to be given (Biggest Homer, Funniest, Best Use of Pictures, etc)

Now we won't be asking for nominations or anything just yet, we are mostly looking to see if you want to do this, if you do, we'll like get started soon.