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Eric Decker - "No Question" on Manning's Arm Strength

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Eric Decker, Wide Receiver for the Denver Broncos, has "hands on" knowledge regarding the condition of Quarterback Peyton Manning. He should, the 3rd year Wideout has been catching passes for three weeks now and had this to say in a visit with ESPN's Colin Cowherd,

"The guy's still throwing the ball a long time, throwing it great, hitting you in the right spot"

Eric went on to say that his new Quarterback is a "perfectionist" and holds himself to an unbelievably high standard.

"The way he talks about football, the way he runs drill work, routes, everything's gotta be perfect and there's no gray area. I think that, as a receiver, (is) the best thing about it. You got a leader that demands the best out of you because he gives the best he's got."

Manning is coming back from a year away from the NFL and four separate procedures on his neck. We all know that he can tear up Defenses like an Industrial paper shredder when healthy.

Decker caught 44 passes for 612 yards and 8 Touchdowns in 2011 and if Peyton Manning's arm is sound, Decker may be in for a very productive season.

Go Broncos!

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