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John Elway Reacts To Rod Smith's Induction To The Broncos Ring Of Fame

John Elway might be the head honcho running the Denver Broncos, but back when he was 'just the quarterback' of the Broncos, one of his favorite weapons was wide receiver Rod Smith. After the team announced Smith would join Elway and fellow teammate Shannon Sharpe in the Ring of Fame, Elway had this to say about his former teammate:

"You couldn't ask for a better teammate than Rod Smith. His work ethic, the way he competed and the positive influence he had on others were all qualities that made him one of the best. What a great Bronco who is so deserving of being honored as a member of the Ring of Fame.

"Although he had plenty of catches and touchdowns in his career, the only things that mattered to Rod were winning and competing for Super Bowls. That's what was most important to him, and it showed in everything he did. Whether it was in the passing game or running game, you always knew Rod would give 100 percent on every play and do whatever it took to help his team win.

"Rod brought his lunch pail to work each day, took nothing for granted and made himself into an elite player. He's a true pro. In addition to being one of the greatest undrafted players of all time, he's one of the greatest wide receivers to ever play the position.

"I'm thrilled Rod has been elected to the Denver Broncos Ring of Fame, and I look forward to celebrating his induction this season."

Congratulations Rod!!!