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A Few Good Questions With... Rod Smith



This afternoon I had the privilege to be involved in a Media teleconference interview with former Denver Bronco Wide Receiver Rod Smith. This was a chance for Rod to share his thoughts on being Inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame. He began by thanking Mr (Pat) Bowlen, former coaches, the fans and the Denver Broncos organization. One of the things he stressed was:

"Talent is something you are born with, skill is what you earn. I had to earn my way every single day."

On what kept him in the league for 14 years:

"My Drive. The hard part wasn't making it in the NFL, it was staying in the NFL. I outworked everyone to keep my job. When they were sleeping, I was working. I did that each and every day."

On the statistics he assembled as a Bronco:

"All I cared about were the Wins. I'm proud of what I accomplished, but the "W's" were all that really mattered."

Rod talked a little about topping the next guy and I had the chance to ask him a question.

KK: Speaking of "topping," how are you going to top Shannon Sharpe's skydiving stunt on his Induction day?

"I ain't gonna do anything stupid like that. I'm not going to jump off anything higher than 3 or 4 feet." I don't know, I haven't thought about that. It'll have to be something special. Mr. Bowlen is paying for it, but I'll tell you right know, I am definitely not jumping out of an airplane. I'm putting that word out right now. Maybe a long fancy car or something. I'm sure it'll be something nice."

On the Hall of Fame:

"I don't get a vote, otherwise I'd vote for me. What do you base it on, catches? I got those. Yards? I got those too. Touchdowns? I mean, why not? My numbers are better than a lot of guts in there."

"I blocked for some Running Backs that gained a lot of yards. That is something I'm real proud of. Me and [Ed] McCaffery were real good blockers. It's all about the team."

Andrew Mason (Max Broncos) asked the final question.

AM: Tell us about your very first catch, that 43-yard Touchdown in the last minute of the Week 3 contest against the Washington Redskins to win the game?

"Ah man, I was playing Special Teams and I stunk. Redskins Strong Safety James Washington had knocked our other Wide Receivers out of the game. We only carried 4 receivers active for the game, so I had to play. I just did what I had to do to put myself in a position to make a play and do the best I could to help my team win. I told my coach that I was terrible all game. I'm just glad we won. Later on I got a call from James. He told me if it wasn't for him, I'd would never have had the career I had. (Chuckles)"

Today was a good day. I got the opportunity to speak with a Broncos legend and I heartily thank John Bena for his efforts in earning Media credentials, the Denver Broncos for recognizing Mile High Report and allowing this opportunity and Rod Smith for being an overachieving player on my favorite team.


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