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2012 Denver Broncos Draft Grade: Your Turn


The 2012 NFL Draft is now in the Rearview Mirror(one of my favorite all-time Pearl Jam tunes), we can at least begin to look at the result void of the emotion that always surrounds each pick. Reaction has been piling in, both locally and nationally, and while the practice is, of course, ridiculous since these guys haven't even strapped on a jock-strap in a Denver Broncos uniform, we must pass the time somehow between now and the first OTA's which are coming up in June.

So I ask you, Broncos Country, now that you have digested the names of the newest Broncos, both draftees and undrafted signees, what is your take? Vote in the poll to give a grade, then, as you listen to the above-mentioned Pearl Jam song, let me know your thought-out opinions in the comments.