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The Greatest Denver Bronco Team: Quarterback

The Broncos have enough of a history that if you compiled their all-stars through the years into the 24 greatest by position, you could come up with a pretty incredible team. What MHR does for me is learn the history of the team. With much help of all the staffers on the site, I want you guys to decide who the best 24 Broncos are of all time.

I think it is pretty safe to say that the greatest quarterback for the Broncos, possibly in NFL history, is John Elway. I do not want to take the chance that somehow the poll gets skewed and we have Elway not win the poll so starting in the quarterback spot is John Elway.

Deciding this is hard.....there are some players who might have better stats than others career wise but I am looking at it as who did the most for the Broncos in their time here.

I decided we will vote on who the backup should be. Lets look at the candidates.

CRAIG MORTON - 1977-1988

Denver Stats

64 Starts

Record 41-23

56.9 CMP%

11895 Yards

74 Touchdowns, 65 Interceptions

Morton was a 6'4 215 pound QB. He was a first round pick by Dallas in 1965, fifth overall. Morton was the first quarterback to start for two different teams in the Super Bowl and the first time Denver reached the big game (Dallas being other team). Morton was enshrined in the Broncos ring of fame in 1988. The Broncos lost that Super Bowl to Morton's former team, the Dallas Cowboys. In 1977 and his first year with the Broncos, he won NFL comeback player of the year after having a good year and taking Denver to the Super Bowl. Morton is second all time on the Broncos passers list.

JAY CUTLER - 2006-2008

Denver Stats

37 Starts

Record 17-20

62.5 COMP%

9024 Yards,

54 Touchdowns, 37 Interceptions

Jay Cutler was drafted in the 2006 NFL Draft in the first round. Cutler made his debut in week 13 but lost to the Seattle Seahawks but picked up his first win the next week. Cutler finished the season going 3-2. In 2007 and 2008, Cutler was the Broncos starter putting up large passing numbers but struggling with interceptions. He went 15-17 in those two years and concluded 2008 with a 3 game losing streak failing to make the playoffs leading to a Mike Shanahan firing. Josh McDaniels arrival along with the Shanahan firing made Cutler upset and he was eventually traded to the Chicago Bears where he remains today.

JAKE PLUMMER - 2003-2006

Denver Stats

54 Starts

Record 39-15

59.1 CMP%

11631 Yards

71 Touchdowns, 47 Interceptions

Jake Plummer was signed by Denver after the 2002 season. In his first season with Denver, he had his best year to date taking the Broncos to a wild-card game where they were demolished by the Colts. In 2004, Plummer had an average season throwing high numbers but also 20 interceptions and again losing to the Colts. In 2005, Plummer went 223 passes without an interception and the Broncos finished 13-3. They lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers in the AFC Championship after Plummer had a poor game. In 2006, the Broncos playoff hopes were lost and the Broncos put in 2006 first round pick QB Jay Cutler.



Denver Stats

41 Starts

Record 20-18-3

53.3 CMP%

7238 Yards

52 Touchdowns, 52 Interceptions

Did I miss someone? It is a tough case to make. Some people might think Gary Kubiak because of how long he served as the backup or maybe Frank Tripucka for what he did for the franchise but the way I was looking at it, is in their time here, who performed the best? Who was actually a better quarterback. These are the four I decided would be suitable.