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Peyton Manning, Denver Broncos Get Back To Work

The Denver Broncos are back on the field, this time as a team, as the 3rd phase of OTAs got underway earlier Monday out at Dover Valley. Over 60 media personnel are on hand with their 1.2 mp cell phone cameras to take pictures and tweet each and every Peyton Manning pass and audible.

I'll post a few of my favorite tweets from those in attendance, but first a look at who is NOT at OTAs. According to various people in place the Broncos are missing four players - DT Derek Wolfe, LB D.J. Williams, DL Ty Warren and PK Matt Prater are all missing. Wolfe is attending graduation, the Broncos are trying to get Warren to agree to a smaller number and Prater has yet to sign his franchise tender. According to his twitter account, Williams will be in court today. He has been present at all of the offseason workouts to date.

These workouts, of course, are 'voluntary'. The Broncos won't hold a mandatory mini-camp until June 12.

Now, on to the tweets. You can follow along right here with all the Tweets from the media on the ground at OTAs and talk about it in the comments!