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Mistrial Declared In D.J. Williams DUI Case

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With opening arguments about to begin, the judge in the D.J. Williams DUI trial declared a mistrial after it was discovered that there were some improprieties in the jury selection.

According to the AP, Williams' lawyer, Harvey Steinberg, asked for the mistrial Monday just before opening statements were about to begin. He said he was only able to excuse two jurors instead of the three he was entitled to during jury selection.

A new trial date was set for August 15.

Williams has plenty banking on this trial. Already part of the NFL's conduct policy for a prior DUI arrest, Williams would likely face a multiple game suspension should he be found guilty. Add to that his suit against the NFL for alledgedly failing a drug test - the NFL has suspended him 6-games - Williams could miss significant time in 2012.

Williams was arrested in the early morning hours of November 12, 2010.