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The Greatest Denver Bronco Team: Running Back


After the first part of the series, quarterback, the first(second I guess) member to the Broncos all time first team. So far the team shapes up like this

Quarterback: John Elway

Backup: Jake Plummer

Running Back:

It is now time to add the next part of the offense, the running back.

The Broncos have had a lot of great running backs in their time but only one can be chosen for the all-star team.

TERRELL DAVIS - 1995-2001

In 1995, Mike Shanahan drafted Davis in the sixth round. Davis did not see much playing time in training camp but made one huge play on special teams in the teams second pre-season game and came out as the week 1 starter. Davis ended his rookie year with 1117 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns. In 1996 the Broncos went 13-3 and Davis set a new Broncos record with 13 touchdowns and also rushed for 1,538 yards. In 1997, Davis was a key part in the Broncos winning their first ever Super Bowl championship also being named MVP in the game, scoring three touchdowns. In 1998, Davis rushed for 2008 yards and the third highest total in history at the time.He was named League MVP and helped the Broncos win back to back super bowls. In 1999 Davis tore his ACL and in 2000 and 2001 combined he only played 13 games.

Bronco Stats:

7607 Rushing Yards

60 touchdowns, Longest 71 yards

4.6 yards per attempt.

169 Receptions, 1280 yards and 6 touchdowns

FLOYD LITTLE - 1967-1975

Floyd Little is the Broncos most recent inductee to the Pro Football Hall of Fame. He was inducted in 2010. He was the sixth overall pick by the Broncos in 1967.He was selected for the Broncos Ring of Fame in 1984. Little was the first Bronco to rush for 1000 yards in 1971 getting 1133. He was the first player ever to lead the league in rushing while having a team in last place. He was a five time Pro Bowler and one-time NFL First Team player. He led the NFL in combined yards in 1967 and 1968. Recently, our very own Jezru caught up with Floyd Little and learnt a story about how Little was cut during a game but ran on the field anyways and made a huge play to win keeping his job with the team and being named "The Franchise." Little's number "44" is retired.

6232 Rushing Yards

43 touchdowns, longest 80

3.9 yards per attempt

215 Receptions, 2418 Yards

9 Touchdowns

CLINTON PORTIS - 2002-2003

Clinton Portis was drafted in the second round by the Broncos in 2002. Portis exploded as a rookie rushing for 1508 yards and 15 touchdowns in his first season running away with the Offensive Rookie of the Year award. Notably, Portis became the youngest player to rush for four touchdowns in a game against the Chiefs. 2005 was much of the same. In 2003 Portis ran for 1591 yards and 14 touchdowns and scored five touchdowns in one game. After the 2003 season, Portis was traded to the Redskins for Champ Bailey and a second round pick.

Bronco Stats:

3099 Rushing Yards

29 Touchdowns, longest 65

5.5 Yards Per Carry

71 receptions, 678 yards

2 Touchdowns

SAMMY WINDER - 1982-1990

Sammy Winder was drafted in the 5th round in 1982. He spent his entire career with Denver and started 83 games. He is known for his famous touchdown dance, the "Mississippi Mud Walk" He was a Pro Bowler in 1984 and 1986 and helped take the Broncos to three Super Bowl Appearances in the 80s. He only reached the 1000 yard mark once in 1984. He bought some heavy equipment late in his career and now owns a construction company. He is the third all time rusher in Broncos history.

Bronco Stats:

5427 Rushing Yards

39 touchdowns, longest 52

3.6 Yards Per Attempt

197 Receptions, 9 Touchdowns