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Want An iPad? Join The Broncos!

There's a surefire way to get yourself an iPad. Play football for the Denver Broncos. While it might be easier for you to simply fork over the $500, the Broncos gave the 90 players on their roster an iPad filled with the Broncos playbook. It's the latest trend in NFL technology and the Broncos join several other teams in taking their playbooks digital.

One such player, rookie linebacker Elliot Coffey, tweeted a picture of his latest toy earlier Thursday. Check this bad boy out:


Of course, my favorite part might be the Otter Box case emblazoned with the Broncos logo. I need to get me one of those!!

Let's hope the Broncos are studying their playbooks and not the latest Angry Birds level - unless of course the piggies are actually Raiders, Chiefs and Chargers!!!