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2012 MHR T-Shirt Designs Needed


Photo of the Kaptain, by the Kaptain

As you may have noticed, MHR hasn't updated the Training Camp Tees available in the lower left hand side of the Front Page. The way I see it, two years is a long enough wait for new threads. So with that in mind, I thought I'd call upon the membership to design the logo on the next series of MHR T-shirts.

The one I am modeling above is from 2009 (The picture is outdated too, since I am about 20 lbs. lighter and no longer on the oxygen).

I know there are some creative people that come to MHR on a daily basis, so get your game on and help us out. You can link your offering(s) through my e-mail ( or show them off in the comments. Submit as many as you like.

Note: Make sure your design does not infringe on the Denver Broncos trademark or NFL properties. Those that do will not be considered.

And the submissions don't need to be limited to Training Camp either.

Go Broncos!