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A Personal Look at Denver Broncos Running Back Ronnie Hillman

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Broncos spent the 67th overall pick on San Diego State University running back, Ronnie Hillman. The Broncos traded a 2012 3rd round pick and a 2012 4th round pick to Cleveland, in order to move into a position to choose Hillman.

Earlier this week, I was approached by Daniel Morales, one of the instructional assistants who works with my special education program. He asked me what I thought of the Broncos choosing Hillman. My response was simple, "I don't know anything about him, but I've heard him compared to Darren Sproles. If he's like Sproles, that would be a good thing."

Daniel told me that he was really excited to hear that Ronnie had been picked by the Broncos. He stated his belief that Hillman would be a good fit in Denver. Daniel went on to tell me that he had been one of Hillman's high school football coaches.

After the jump, a picture of Ronnie Hillman, in the words of one of his high school coaches.

Daniel Morales is currently the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for La Habra High School in La Habra, California. He not only coached Hillman in high school, but has continued to follow his college career closely. After we had talked about Ronnie's selection by the Broncos, I asked Daniel if he would write some words about his experiences with Hillman. This is what he had to say:

The first time we met, Ronnie gave me an indication of what type of player he would be. It was his first passing league game with the varsity team at La Habra High School and he did not know many of our plays. I began to go over them with him and he was so determined to show what he could do that he pretty much memorized them all in 15 minutes.

He quickly showed just how talented he was by using all of the natural abilities he was gifted wtih. He used his superb quickness, elusiveness and incredible balance to earn a starting position his sophomore year in high school. It is evident how gifted he is but what probably set him apart from the rest was his hard work and determination that he was instilled with.

He overcame many obstacles, such as being forced to miss his first year of college and sit out the entire year as his clearance was being reviewed. He was undeterred as he came back for a record-breaking freshman season. He then bulked up and maintained his speed and followed it up with a terrific sophomore season which led to him being drafted in this year's NFL Draft.

Ronnie was a pleasure to coach in high school and is always fun to be around. He is a tremendous talent but he constantly supports that talent with great determination and a work ethic that is second to none. I wish him the best of luck and look forward to his future successes.

Daniel Morales
Offensive Coordinator
La Habra High School
La Habra, CA

Many thanks to Daniel for sharing a more personal and first-hand look at one of our newest Broncos.