requests for post from MHR staff and Fans

I tried to look up some info to write this post myself, but I suck at it. So I am officially requesting it from my fellow bronco fans.

There was a lot of talk about us reaching in the draft. This was because of a few draft "experts" having the players we picked ranked lower than we picked them. So I would like to see a review of these "experts." Take a look at Kiper 's draft board from say 2005, and evaluate how accurate he was. Take a look at the players drafted, and undrafted, from that class and see how their careers have fared. Compare that too WHERE Kiper(and some other experts) ranked them. What players,by position, were ranked higher but have had worse careers than some ranked far lower. Basicly I would like an answer to this question...Are these experts draft boards absolutely correct, are they a close guideline of where a player should be drafted, or are they completely off??

If anyone else has some suggestions for future posts feel free to write them in the comments.

I would also like to add, this is my FAVORITE time to post and read MHR. Its a time where we talk about our team, all aspects of it, without the games interfering with those discussions.

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