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MHR Poll of the Week: Reviewing How you Graded the Broncos

Champ Bailey earned a Pro Bowl last season and earned the top ranking by you on Mile High Report, but how did the rest of the team rank? (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)
Champ Bailey earned a Pro Bowl last season and earned the top ranking by you on Mile High Report, but how did the rest of the team rank? (Photo by Kent Nishimura/Getty Images)
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So last week we had possible the most indepth poll Mile High Report has ever seen. I had you grade each player on the roster on a variety of topics ranging from consistency to speed. We got a ton of responses, and I'm thankful for those who put the time in to answer our questions.

Today we'll be reviewing that poll and discussing a few interesting things that stood out to me. Shouldn't be anything to deep here, but some fun things I found about some answered the poll questions.

Short introduction, I know, but why waste time?


So I won't go too much into each question that was asked, you can check out the numbers from that by clicking on the link above and looking at the poll. Instead I'll combine all the responses for each player and compile it into one score. Now for those who didn't vote, we graded players on a scale from 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst and 5 being the best. We covered every position besides quarterback because we all know how the grading there would work out. Let's look at an introductory table looking at the positions:

Table 1: Summery

Position Average Ranking Best Rank Worst Rank Deviation
Cornerback 3.55 4.46 (Bailey) 2.95 (Thompson) 0.563
Offensive Line 3.48 3.95 (Kuper) 2.97 (Walton) 0.444
Wide Receiver 3.47 3.60 (Decker) 3.19 (Caldwell) 0.195
Linebacker 3.20 3.76 (Miller) 2.64 (Irving) 0.451
Defensive End 3.11 3.89 (Dumervil) 2.52 (Beal) 0.547
Running Back 3.07 3.37 (McGahee) 2.62 (Ball) 0.353
Defensive Tackle 2.99 3.15 (Wolfe) 2.83 (Vickerson) 0.127
Tight End 2.95 3.32 (Dreessen) 2.54 (Thomas) 0.378
Safety 2.95 3.34 (Adams) 2.53 (Moore) 0.368

From this table we can see, and sort, a few things:

- Ranking of each position
- Their top and bottom performance
- The deviation, or how far apart were the players (Defensive tackle ranked higher than tight end, but since TE had a higher deviation, they weren't all as bad)

Fun things to note:

- Andre Caldwell is the top ranked "worst" player at his position while Jeremy Beal is the worst.
- Derek Wolfe is the worst ranked "best" player while Champ Bailey was the best.
- Cornerback had the highest deviation since Champ was the best ranked player so it's hard to for the rest of the group to keep up.
- Defensive tackle was the lowest deviation, and begin so low on the list lends itself to seeming that the whole squad is below average whereas with a tight end or safety, two positions which have solid players bu also have some bad players.

Table 2 and 3: Top and Bottom 5 Players

Top 5 Players Ranking Position
Champ Bailey 4.46 CB
Chris Kuper 3.95 OL
Ryan Clady 3.90 OL
Elvis Dumervil 3.89 DE
Von Miller 3.76 LB

Bottom 5 Players Ranking Position
Nate Irving
2.64 LB
Lance Ball 2.62 RB
Jeremy Beal 2.62 DE
Julius Thomas 2.54 TE
Rahim Moore 2.53 S

Pretty simple table, though Kuper being so high is surprising. One other thing is the 2011 draft class sure doesn't rank too well currently, the 2012 season may change that.

Tables 4 and 5: Most and Fewest

Pretty simple as well, this will just list which players had the most or fewest of a score. So we can see which player had the fewest 1 votes or see which player had the most 3's.

Name % of Total Votes Position Rank
Most 1's Julius Thomas 19.4% TE 2.54
Most 2's Lance Ball 40.2% RB 2.62
Most 3's Jason Hunter 59.7% DE 2.86
Most 4's Eric Decker 55.0% WR 3.60
Most 5's Champ Bailey 73.2% CB 4.46

Name % of Total Votes Position Rank
Least 1's Chris Harris
0.3% CB 3.52
Least 2's Champ Bailey 1.0% CB 4.46
Least 3's Champ Bailey 4.5% CB 4.46
Least 4's Jeremy Beal 2.5% DE 2.52
Least 5's David Bruton
0.0% S 2.78

Champ Bailey was a boss, owning the best category of Most 5's and two of the best "worst" category by having the Fewest 2'd and 3's. David Bruton, while having a decent rank, got zero 5 votes. Jason Hunter the perfect average player, with 59.7% of his votes coming in at 3.

Table 6: Player Ranks

This last table is pretty much everything that has been compiled and compressed for spaces sake.

Name Position Rank
Willis McGahee Running Back 3.34
Knowshon Moreno Running Back 2.97
Ronnie Hillman Running Back 3.37
Lance Ball Running Back 2.62
Demaryius Thomas Wide Receiver 3.52
Eric Decker Wide Receiver 3.60
Andre Caldwell Wide Receiver 3.17
Brandon Stokley Wide Receiver 3.56
Joel Dreessen Tight End 3.32
Jacob Tamme Tight End 3.21
Julius Thomas Tight End 2.54
Virgil Green Tight End 2.74
Ryan Clady Offensive Lineman 3.90
Zane Beadles Offensive Lineman 3.14
J.D. Walton Offensive Lineman 2.97
Chris Kuper Offensive Lineman 3.95
Orlando Franklin Offensive Lineman 3.45
Derek Wolfe Defensive Tackle 3.15
Justin Bannan Defensive Tackle 3.03
Kevin Vickerson Defensive Tackle 2.83
Ty Warren Defensive Tackle 2.96
Elvis Dumervil Defensive End 3.89
Robert Ayers Defensive End 3.32
Jason Hunter Defensive End 2.86
Malik Jackson Defensive End 2.73
Jeremy Beal Defensive End 2.52
D.J. Williams Linebacker 3.35
Joe Mays Linebacker 2.83
Von Miller Linebacker 3.76
Wesley Woodyard Linebacker 3.33
Nate Irving Linebacker 2.64
Champ Bailey Cornerback 4.46
Tracy Porter Cornerback 3.38
Drayton Florence Cornerback 3.32
Chris Harris Cornerback 3.52
Syd'Quan Thompson Cornerback 2.95
Mike Adams Safety 3.34
Quinton Carter Safety 3.15
David Bruton Safety 2.78
Rahim Moore Safety 2.53

There's a lot here, but it will be interesting to see how Mile High Reports rankings play out this season, thanks for those who voted. Overall, the Broncos look like a good team, should make for an exciting season.