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The Greatest Denver Broncos Team: Linebacker

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Quarterback: John Elway

Backup: Jake Plummer

Running Back: 1)Terrell Davis 2) Floyd Little (Added due to deserving it!)

Wide Receivers (3): Rod Smith, Lionel Taylor, Ed McCaffrey

Offensive Linemen (5): Tom Nalen, Gary Zimmerman, Mark Schlereth, Ryan Clady and Matt Lepsis

Tight Ends - Shannon Sharpe & Riley Odoms


Defensive Line: Elvis Dumervil & Rulon Jones

Defensive Tackle: Trevor Pryce & Rubin Carter

This will be a tough one!!


Kark Mecklenburg was drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 12th round in 1983. He played all 12 seasons for the Broncos. He was known as the "Snow Goose" or the "Albino Rhino" and a key member of the Broncos teams that reached the Super Bowl. Mecklenburg was known for his ability to play every front 7 position. His versatility was show by his 79 career sacks. In 2001, Mecklenburg was inducted into the Bronco Ring of Fame.


79 Sacks

1104 Tackles

5 interceptions

14 Fumble Recoveries


Gradishar was drafted 14th overall in 1974 by Denver. Gradishar went on to spend 10 seasons with the Broncos. He became a starter midway through his rookie season and was named to his first Pro Bowl after the 1975 season. From that season to the end, the Broncos defensive unit was one of the top ones being third in rushing yards allowed. In 1976, Gradishar moved from middle linebacker to inside linebacker which is what the Broncos ran for the remainder of his career. He led all linebackers in sacks that year. After helping the Broncos reach the Super Bowl in 1977, he won Defensive player of the Year award in 1978. In his last season QB'd by Elway, he capped off his 7th Pro Bowl season. He retired after that season.

Broncos Stats

2049 Tackles

20 Interceptions

13 Fumble Recoveries, 3 Touchdowns

20 Sacks

TOM JACKSON - 1973-1986

The Broncos drafted Jackson in the 4th round of the 1973 Draft. He played 14 seasons for the Broncos. Jackson played in Super Bowls XII and XXI for the Broncos and held the records of games played and seasons played until Elway broke those. He helped the Broncos to 6 playoff berths and in 2 Super Bowls. Today, he is an NFL Studio Analyst for ESPN. He was inducted into the Broncos Ring of Fame in 1992.

Broncos Stats

20 Interceptions

8 Fumble Recoveries

13 Sacks

SIMON FLETCHER - 1985-1995

Fletcher was drafted by Denver in the 2nd Round of the 1985 Draft. His entire 11 year career was with the Broncos at both OLB and DE. He was the premier pass rusher for the Broncos recording a franchise record 97.5 sacks. He helped the team record with 16 sacks in 1992 until Dumervil broke it. He had 10 straight games with a sack, a record he shares with DeMarcus Ware.

Broncos Stats

808 Tackles
97.5 Sacks
2 interceptions
10 Fumble Recoveries


Romanowski was drafted by the 49s in the 3rd round of the 1988 Draft. He played 6 years with them and a couple with the Eagles before joining the Broncos in 1996. His first two years with the Broncos he made the Pro Bowl and All-Pro teams. He won two championships with the team as well. Bill had a history of being fined by the NFL for different incidents including spitting in a receivers face after he taunted. After he left Denver he finished his career with Oakland.

Broncos Stats

962 Tackles

23 Sacks

11 Interceptions

AL WILSON - 1999-2006

Al Wilson was picked 31st overall by the Broncos in the 1999 draft. Wilson was one of the anchors of the Broncos defense and went to the Pro Bowl five times. He was known for his speed in both run and pass coverage. He passed the 100 tackle mark in his last 5 seasons. He was the leader of the Broncos defense until on December 3, 2006, Wilson suffered a neck injury during a fake field goal attempt against the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday Night Football. He was carted off the field and immediately taken to a hospital but was cleared to play the following week. The Broncos tried to trade Wilson after salary cap problems but could not so they released him after a trade failed because of failed physical. Wilson retired in 2008 after teams refused to pay him any more than the veteran minimum.

Broncos Stats

560 Tackles

21.5 Sacks

5 Interceptions

RICK DENNISON - 1982-1990

Rick Dennison was a free agent acquisition by the Broncos in 1982 out of Colorado State. He spent the next 8 years as a versatile special teams player and linebacker. In 1989, he received the Ed Block Memorial Courage Award. He was 2nd on the team in tackles in 1988 with 133. He played in 3 Super Bowls with the Broncos. After he retired he stayed on as a Broncos coach from 95-09. He then moved on to join former teammate Gary Kubiak in Houston.

JIM RYAN - 1979-1988

Ryan was a college free agent who spent his entire 10 year career with the Broncos. He started 91 of 150 games. He recorded 10 sacks in his final 5 years. He picked off 5 passes in his career, recovered 7 fumbles. He played in two Super Bowls with Denver. He helped out with the team in 2004 and became a defensive assistant in 2005. In 2007 he became the linebackers coach but he is now with Houston.


Williams was drafted by the Broncos 17th overall in 2004. DJ is a versatile linebacker starting games at each linebacker position. He did not miss a game in his first 4 seasons with Denver. Williams has surpassed 100 tackles multiple times including 170 tackles in 2007. DJ was a Pro Bowl alternate in 2009 after starting all 16 games and ranking 6th in the AFC with a team-high 122 tackles. He had his problems off the field pleading guilty in September 2005 to driving drunk. On November 12, 2010, Williams was arrested for a DUI. Recently he was suspended for 6 games for failing a drug test.

Broncos Stats

618 Tackles

2 Interceptions

20.5 Sacks

JOHN MOBLEY - 1996-2003

Mobley was drafted by Denver in the 1st round 15th overall of the 1996 draft. He started immediately at right linebacker and in his 2nd season, he made 1st team all-pro status. He was a member of the back to back Super Bowl wins. In Super Bowl XXXII, Mobley deflected a Brett Favre pass on 4th and 6 from the 31 yard line with 30 seconds left to seal the victory. He missed most of the 1999 season because of a torn ACL, The Broncos played him on IR in 2003 as a result of a spinal injury he suffered against Baltimore. The Broncos released him before the 2004 season in order to allow him to recover. He later re-signed but then retired because of the injury. He started 102 of 105 games in 8 years with the Broncos.

Broncos Stats

606 Tackles

10.5 Sacks

5 Interceptions

BOB SWENSON - 1975-1983

Swenson signed with the Broncos in 1975 as an undrafted free agent. He missed the 1980 season due to a knee injury. He was part of the famed Orange Crush Defense that took the Broncos to the Super Bowl in 1978. In 1981, he was wan 1st team All Pro and a Pro Bowler. He started 69 games at left outside linebacker. He made 11 interceptions and had 9 fumble recoveries. No one knows how many tackles he had since they didnt keep that stat back then but he was a value piece of the middle four of the Orange Crush

EDIT: 1:17 pm - due to some requests, I will allow four players to be picked due to the possibility of a 3-4 defense.

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