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Denver Bronco Players on Twitter

Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning reiterates, 'No, I do NOT have a "Twitter" account.' Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE
Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning reiterates, 'No, I do NOT have a "Twitter" account.' Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE

A question was asked in this morning's Horse Tracks, as to which players could be followed in the Twitterverse. I made a quick list from my account and posted it in the comments with the thought that it was incomplete. I also thought it would be a good resource for the membership here on MHR if it was posted. It is still lacking somewhat and I am sure that can be amended in the comment section, but here goes.

All in all, I found 45 players, one players wife, 7 former players, a former GM, 3 of the teams PR guys and John Elway himself as well as the Broncos Twitter account. I went ahead and listed the entire roster, That way, I can fill in any gaps you guys find.

The official Broncos Twittter @Denver_Broncos

John Elway ‏ @johnelway

Jim Saccomano ‏ @broncos_sacco Vice President of Public Relations for the Broncos.
Erich Schubert ‏ @schube13 Broncos Media Relations Coordinator
Patrick Smyth ‏ @psmyth12 Denver Broncos Public Relations

Ted Sundquist ‏ @Ted_Sundquist Former Broncos GM

Here are some well loved former Broncos that tweet.

Mark Jackson ‏ @MJax80
Ed McCaffrey ‏ @87ed
Rod Smith ‏ @TheREALrodSmith
Terrell Davis ‏ @Terrell_Davis
Brian Dawkins ‏@BrianDawkins
Eddie Royal ‏ @EddieRoyalWR
shannon sharpe ‏ @ShannonSharpe

**Note: Shannon Sharpe will fill up your timeline and dominate it. Remember how he likes to talk, well, he still does so be warned.

2012 Offseason Roster

Adams, Mike @MDOTADAMS20
Ayers, Robert @1_900_ayersjr
Bailey, Champ @champbailey
Ball, Lance @LanceBall35
Bannan, Justin
Beadles, Zane ‏@zanebeadles
Beal, Jeremy
Blake, Philip @pblake74
Blatnick, Jamie
Bolden, Omar ‏@Os_Island
Brewer, Aaron
Bruton, David ‏ @D_Brut30
Bush, Rafael @rbush36
Caldwell, Andre @Acaldwell17
Carter, Quinton @SinCityBuck
Carter, Tony @tonycarter904
Clady, Ryan @RyanClady
Clark, Chris
Coffey, Elliot
Colquitt, Britton
Davis, C.J.
Decker, Eric @EricDecker87
Dell, Mark @_MarkDell
Dreessen, Joel @JoelDreessen
Dumervil, Elvis @ekd92
Fannin, Mario ‏@SupurMario27
Florence, Drayton @DraytonFlorence
Franklin, Jerry
Franklin, Orlando @OFranklin74
Garland, Ben
Goodwin, D'Andre @GoDreGo
Grant, Adam
Green, Virgil @VGreen85
Grisham, Tyler
Gronkowski, Chris @Chrisgronkowski
Hanie, Caleb
Harris, Chris ‏@CHarris_25
Harris, Ryan
Hill, Jason
Hillman, Ronnie @MrHillman2U
Hills, Tony
Hunter, Jason
Ihenacho, Duke ‏@NachoLyfe
Ingram, Cornelius @CIngram_85
Irving, Nate
Jackson, Malik @TheMalikJackson
Johnson, Jeremiah
Johnson, Steven
Judie, Coryell
Kuper, Chris
Manning, Peyton
Mays, Joe is repped by his wife Toyia Mays ‏ @StarletsStripes
McGahee, Willis ‏@WillisMcGahee
Miller, Anthony
Miller, Von @MillerLite40
Mohamed, Mike
Moore, Joshua
Moore, Rahim
Moreno, Knowshon @knowshonmoreno
Obiozor, Cyril @CyObi_54
Omon, Xavier
Orton, Greg
Osweiler, Brock @BrockOsweiler
Page, Eric @Epage12
Paxton, Lonie @ActiveForceFdtn Porter, Tracy ‏@T_Porter22
Prater, Matt
Ramirez, Manny
Remmers, Mike
Robinson, Gerell @G_Rob10
Robinson, Ramzee
Siliga, Sealver
Stokley, Brandon
Sylvester, Austin
Tamme, Jacob ‏@JacobTamme
Thomas, Demaryius @DemaryiusT
Thomas, Julius ‏@Julius_Thomas
Thompson, Syd'Quan
Trevathan, Danny
Tribue, Wayne
Unrein, Mitch @MitchellJUnrein
Vickerson, Kevin
Walton, J.D.
Warren, Ty
Weber, Adam @Adam_Weber8
Williams, D.J. @DjWilliam55
Willis, Matthew
Wolfe, Derek ‏@DerekWolfe95
Woodyard, Wesley @WoodDro52
Wuebbels, Austin

That should keep some of you busy for awhile.

Go Broncos!

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