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A Few Questions to Get the Mind Going

Peyton Manning wants your opinion, come one man! (Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE)
Peyton Manning wants your opinion, come one man! (Mandatory Credit: Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE)

On Mile High Report we have a number of goals, including breaking news, educating and just being a place for Broncos fans to hang out and talk football. One thing we also like to do is try and get conversation going so we can get our minds a bit more open to new viewpoints. Well today I wanted to do this by asking a few questions that really don't have a clear cut answer, questions that may seem to have one answer but after discussion you may change your mind. I've also thrown in some questions to just get to try and pry up your secrets.

This won't delve into stats or anything like that, instead I'll just propose a few questions, list a few of my own thoughts and I'd love to hear what you think about them. Plain, simple, let's not waste any time.

QUESTION 1: If you could change one aspect of the NFL, what would it be?

Over the past few years the NFL has made some big changes to safety, especially with quarterbacks and special teams. But what would you change? Would you reduce the field goal to 2 points to encourage more aggressive play? Or would you go the route of eliminating the extra point and make everyone go for the 2-point conversion? There's always a penalty box to put heavily penalized players for a given time, for a few ideas you can look at Brian Burke's list here or come up with your own.

QUESTION 2: Favorite NFL team not in Denver?

Everyone here likely won't admit to secretly liking another NFL team. You know what I'm talking about, that team that you change to discretely when your spouse is in the bathroom or you watch out of the corner of your eye at the bar. So it's time to come clean, I know I have, now it's your turn MHR, don't be shy.

QUESTION 3: Who is the biggest bust in NFL history?

Now we as Broncos fans, we know two of the top busts came from our won division, I mean Leaf and Russell could take this thing, but which one? Throw in the Akili Smith's of the league, or even Russell Erxleben, a punter taken 11th overall, I mean really? You thought the Jaguars taking Bryan Anger in the 3rd was bad. Who can forget Tony Mandarich who was taken 2nd overall in 1989 (ahead of Barry Sanders, Deion Sanders and Derrick Thomas) who was found out to use steroid which lead to roid rage and which lead to him just being terrible, at everything. Think about it.

QUESTION 4: This one comes to us from Pro Football Reference: If you had the #1 pick and you had a practice-squad exemption to carry unlimited players that can't be taken by other teams, would you trade the #1 pick for the entire 4th round?

Considering that it would depend entirely on the top rated player, so let's just look at this from the standpoint of the 2012 draft. We have Manning and the #1 pick, do you trade the #1 pick for the entire 4th round? Now many might say "are you crazy, no way?!" and I think that's fine, especially considering the talent level at the #1 pick, but with 32+ picks in the 4th round, you are bound to find 2-3 starters aren't you, if not a TD or Brady? You could also add depth to literally every position in one draft, but then again, grabbing Luck, Griffin, Kalil or Richardson is tempting.

QUESTION 5: If you could rearrange the divisions and conferences, who would you put in the Broncos division?

I mean would you put yourself with the Browns and Dolphins of the world? What would happen when they get it right though? I mean the Lions used to be in that class but now most teams wouldn't want them in their division? Would you only put coastal teams so you maximize the altitude advantage or only put Florida teams in your division because you like to visit there on vacation? AOL Sports had a few ideas, some serious, some fun.

QUESTION 6: Best head coach in NFL history?

This can be tricky, I mean there's the big names like Bill Walsh, Don Shula, Paul Brown and Vince Lombardi. But what about modern guys like Bill Belicheck, Andy Reid, Mike Holmgren or Tom Coughlin? Throw in underdogs like Mike Tomlin, Guy Chamberlin, John Madden, or Tony Dungy. What about the Shanny's and George Halas' of the worlds, or Joe Gibbs, Bill Cowher, Tom Landry or the Big Tuna Bill Parcells? So many options, hard to select, I mean how many of these guys had great QB's, so what do you do if you don't have a great QB, do you trust a guy like Gibbs or Chamberlin who didn't rely on a great QB?

So there you go, let me know what you think.