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Horse Whisperings - Finally Friday Noon Edition

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The past couple of weeks have been relatively quiet in Broncos Country. All but three contracts have been sorted and the Organized Team Activities are done. Next week from the 12-14th, the Broncos will hold their mandatory 3-day MiniCamp for the veterans (not exclusively) and then the team will have a break before Training Camp begins (right around the end of July).

As I said, it's pretty quiet around Dove Valley. And maybe that's a good thing. In comparison to the rest of the league, I believe the silence is deafening. Check it out.

3 Things you won't see at Dove Valley this year

1) Diva Wide Receivers

Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes showed another side of the meaning "Diva Receiver" when he sniveled about being overused at the New York Jets OTA's yesterday. The story goes on to say that Holmes was upset about taking 35 reps during a Non-contact practice in shorts. Santonio removed his helmet and gave his position coach the 3rd degree.

"I was talking to the coach, letting him understand it was too many reps today."

Just last summer, Santonio received a 5-year, $45.25 Million contract with $24 Million guaranteed. For a guy who will make $7.75 Million to play in 17 games in 2012, you'd think he could afford a case of Tampons. Chill out Holmes.

2) Violations of the Non-Contact Rules

I reported a few days ago on the Seattle Seahawks violation of the non-contact rule during the offseason before Training Camp. It seems that the New Orleans Saints have been mixing it up as well. The league is investigating whether a fight between backup Quarterback Chase Daniels and Linebacker David Lofton during a practice crosses the non-contact line. Bountygate, Brees and Boneheadedness are all the disorganized and disenchanted Saints need right now.

But wait. It gets better.

3) FBI Investigations

Saints owner Tom Benson has hired former FBI director Louis Freeh to personally investigate the allegations of General Manager Mickey Loomis' illegal wiretapping. According to team spokesman Greg Bensel,

"Serious allegations have been made about our organization this off-season; we take these allegations very seriously," Bensel said via email. "As a result, we have hired the Freeh Group, founded by former director of the FBI and former federal judge Louis Freeh. Mr. Benson moved quickly to hire them and has spared no expense to get to the bottom of these allegations. We have given the Freeh Group complete access to our team and all of the individuals who have been associated with this news story.

Now granted, there are a few player suspensions and a "Sauced" up DUI charge on the Broncos offseason occurrences, but those are minor drama to what I've listed above. If we all can just make it to the end of July with our sanity intact, Football will be back.

Go Broncos!

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