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The 13th Round Draft History of the Denver Broncos


Broncos Training Camp is less than 2 weeks away and while the month long lay off designated by last year’s Collective Bargaining Agreement has left idle time for players to get in trouble, we at MHR are plying our way through a little history to pass the time.

To review, I am using Chad Reuter’s draft success chart listed at for a baseline. Reuter states that a draft pick is successful if he starts 56 games by the end of his 5th year.

11 players were drafted by the Denver Broncos in the 13th round. Out of that group, only one player had any significant contributions (9%).

Charlie Greer, drafted in 1968, was a 7 year primary starter at Defensive Back. He played from 1968-74 at Cornerback and both Safety positions, starting 84 of 88 total games. Charlie made 17 Interceptions and recovered 11 Fumbles. Greer was also a Punt Returner, with 55 returns for a 7.7 yard average, including a 65-yard touchdown return against the Chargers during a Week 13 victory in 1972.

9 of the other 10 players drafted by the Broncos never saw any action (81.8%).

For the rest of the league, 263 players total were drafted in the 13th round from 1967-93.

2 reached All-Pro status and 3 went to the Pro Bowl.

20 players were the primary starter at their position for 1 or more seasons.
5 players were the primary starter at their position for 7 or more seasons (1.9%).
1 player were the primary starter at their position for 10 seasons.

32 players appeared in 20 or more games.
21 players appeared in 50 or more games.
9 players appeared in 100 or more games.

Only two other players started more games than Charlie Greer.

10 players started 20 or more games.
5 players started 50 or more games.
2 players started 110 or more games.

  • Herbert Scott - 2x All-Pro, 3x Pro Bowler, 7 yr starter, 140 games, 82 starts.
  • Brian Sipe - 1x All-Pro, 1x Pro Bowler, 8 yr starter, 125 games, 111 starts.
  • Carl Mauck - 10 yr starter, 166 games, 122 starts.
  • Wade Key - 9 yr starter, 121 games, 48 starts.

202 players never played a down in the NFL (76.8%).

So the results show that the Broncos had decent success with player production when they had a pick that played, but were below the norm as far as the amount of players who made it through Training Camp.
Go Broncos!

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