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DJ Williams Found Guilty Of DWAI; Further Suspension Coming?

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The DJ Williams court case has come to an end.

Outside Linebacker DJ Williams is already facing a 6 game suspension by the NFL for failing a drug test Williams got a DUI in November of 2010 but was convicted on lesser charges of driving while ability impaired and driving without headlights on.

Williams has become infamous for appearing in the news for the wrong reasons with his drug, crime trouble, and this past offseason posting a picture of the Broncos playbook that was not a big deal, but an irresponsible act. Williams could face 10 days to one year in jail, a fine of up to $1500 dollars and community service according to Colorado Law.

The Broncos have been preparing for life without him with Wesley Woodyard practicing in his place and Williams not getting many reps in practice. There is no word yet on if Williams will face further punishment from Commissioner Roger Goodell.