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Mile High Report Milestone Contest

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Photo by Kaptain Kirk 8/18/12

Welcome to Week 2 of the NFL Preseason. The Denver Broncos will be hosting the Seattle Seahawks this evening, but before that happens, I wanted to note that we have achieved another milestone here at Mile High Report. This is the 7,000th story posted on this site since it's debut in 2007.

Currently, there are 11,302 Broncomaniacs who are members of the site and countless others who read the content our staff and membership puts out each day. We are also well over 16 Million visits and 41 Million page views. All because of you.

This calls for a celebration and of course a giveaway. I don't happen to have anything with No. 7 on it, but the next best thing I have, is today's prize. An 8" Peyton Manning bobblehead action figure (since guys don't collect dolls). All you have to do is comment in this post and you are set. I will close the comments at midnight (Mountain Time) tonight and announce the winner tomorrow. Good Luck and...

We Have a Winner! Congratulations KraigK

Go Broncos!

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