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Denver Broncos Injury News: Andre Caldwell Sore but Okay after Injury against Seattle

Andre Caldwell suffered an injury on the first play of the first quarter. On a slant route from the right side, Brock Osweiler overthrew Caldwell and laid him up for Chris Marigose to lay the wood. Bubba laid on the turf for a few minutes before having further consultation from Rick Antonopolis on the sidelines. The Broncos listed the injury as a "chest injury", which makes sense given the torsion of his body upon impact. He was listed as "doubtful" to return against Seattle and, as expected, did not return. Caldwell recorded no catches against the Seahawks, but he did have a 34 yard kick return in the second quarter. X-Rays turned up negative, however, and Caldwell told Lindsay Jones of the Denver Post that he is sore, but he'd be okay.

With 6:40 left in the 4th quarter, Nate Irving needed assistance. He went up to make a tackle in the open field on Russel Wilson and was kicked by Jamie Blatnick, but that wasn't what caused the pain. Nate Irving also suffered what was labeled a "chest injury", although he appeared to be holding his left upper abdominal/oblique area. We'll see what comes of this injury, but both Greek and Nate Irving were chuckling as they walked off the field, so it didn't appear to be very serious. Mike Mohammed and Joshua Moore both suffered injured hamstrings against Seattle, as well.

Other Broncos Injuries

Chris Kuper, as we all know, didn't see action against Seattle due to a broken forearm and is expected to return 4 to 6 weeks. Jason Hunter tore his triceps last week. Some reports say the tear is as much as 95%. We won't see him until 2013, I'm afraid. Quinton Carter has been making strides to return throughout training camp after injuring his knee and hamstring. He finally returned to the practice field this past week and is hopeful that he gets a chance to play next week against the 49ers. Keith Brooking has nursed a hamstring injury since Monday. He did not play against Seattle, either, and it's not clear when or if he'll see action in the preseason.

Ronnie Hillman is still recovering from a hamstring injury and was activated for the game against Seattle, but never made an appearance. The fact that he took snaps in practice is a good indication that his recovery is progressing, nicely, but head coach John Fox doesn't appear rushed to get him back in the huddle due to the current roster battle between Jeremiah Johnson, Xavier Oman, Knowshon Moreno, Lance Ball and Willis McGahee.

Danny Trevathan was dearly missed against Seattle. As one of the standout linebackers of the second team defense, his ankle injury last week meant that he'd miss this game against the Seahawks. It sure would have been nice to have him help Nate Irving stop Russell Wilson.

Tyler Grisham also missed the game due to a knee injury. Kevin Vickerson sustained a concussion during practice this week, but he is expected to be back soon. Tracy Porter missed the game, despite participating in practice Thursday and Friday following an illness early in the week.

AFC West Injury News

We're still awaiting word on Jacoby Ford, who had an MRI on his foot after being injured on Friday night against the Arizona Cardinals. He was seen on the sidelines with crutches later in the night, so it is clearly not a good thing for the Raiders.

The Chargers suffered some terrible news as Vincent Brown has a broken ankle. The Chargers wouldn't put a timeline on the injury, at this point, but many said there were some extremely disappointed faces in the locker room. The good news for the Chargers is thatRyan Mathews said he expects to be ready for the regular season opener against the Raiders.