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Final: San Fransisco 49ers 29 - Denver Broncos 24


Category Broncos 49ers
Score 24 29
Rushing Yards 26 car. 83 yards (3.2 ypc) 34 car. 139 yards (4.1 ypc)
Passing Yards 234 165
Total Yards 317 304
3rd Down Conversions 7-14 4-12
T.O.P 29:49 29:32
Turnovers 1 1

That wraps up the 3rd game of the preseaon for the Denver Broncos. Peyton Manning threw the ball well and even threw his first touchdown pass as a Denver Bronco. Some other names that played well included Malik Jackson, Elvis Dumervil, and Eric Decker. I also think the runningbacks deserve a tip of the hat, as well. They all played pretty well.

What are your thoughts MHR? Who impressed you? Who disappointed you?