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NFL Enacts New Rules for Trade Deadline and Injured Reserve

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Breaking news from Adam Schefter this morning, the NFL and the Players Association agreed to extend the trade deadline from Week 6 to Week 8. That should give teams a better opportunity to make a deal for the playoff run.

Also passing is a tweak to the Injured Reserve rules. Here's what Adam tweeted a little bit ago:

Teams now will be allowed to re-activate one player from Reserve/Injured during the 2012 season, subject to certain restrictions.

One of those restrictions was posted soon after:

That takes D'Andre Goodwin (8/3), Mario Fannin (8/8) and Jason Hunter (8/27) out of the mix.

Of particular significance, is the major injury in quote. But Jason LaCanfora clarified that:

And that removes Chris Kuper from consideration, since he is scheduled to return by Week 4.

There was more talk going on as well, which is a good thing to see between the league and the players.

Per Albert Breer:

Also, starting next year, if a player signs or reports after training camp starts, that player can practice on the first day after he passes his physical. They will not have to wait until the third day.

Let's hope this dialogue between the league and the players helps a deal get resolved with the referees.

Go Broncos!

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