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Broncos Position Battle Review: Overview

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With the final cuts coming sometime today, let's review the key battles Mile High Report has looked at to help you get a preview of some of the cuts that will be coming. We covered these position battles:

- The #4 Safety
- The #5 Cornerback
- The #3 Tight End
- The #4 Wide Receiver Position

The #4 Safety:
Projected Winner: Either David Bruton or Jim Leonhard

This is a tough one since Bruton has been around a while and saw starting time last season as well as having an impressive pre-season and camp, but Leonhard was brought in by Fox and Elway, who aren't big fans of letting players go who they bring in. It's a toss up.

The #5 Cornerback:
- Projected Winner: Omar Bolden

A pretty clear option here and while Bolden was exactly better than his competition, he was chosen by Fox, and as a rookie he played at the level of some of the vets, and as such, that' pretty much gives him a lock on this position, and with the consistent pre-season he's had, he made a solid case for the #4 cornerback position as well.

The #3 Tight End:
- Projected Winner: Virgil Green

Green has just been better than Julius Thomas, it's that simple. Thomas was taken higher, and would be a tough cut, but Green was actually productive in 2011 and hasn't had the injury issues Thomas has had. He's also more versatile, being able to both block and receiver is important. He also looked fantastic final pre-season game.

The #4 Wide Receiver:
- Projected Winner: Unknown

Due to an inconsistent pre-season by all candidates, it's nearly impossible to name a winner here. Stokley will be in the top 5 WR positions, but his role is still unknown, and his signature sure hands have failed him by leading the team in drops so far this pre-season. Matt Willis, had looked solid, but hasn't done enough to really separate himself from the group. The same goes for Jason Hill.