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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 8/9/12

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Quinn edges out Stanzi, for now | ProFootballTalk

Perhaps the biggest battle in Kansas City relates to the backup quarterback position. Osweiler Ready to Go "
On Thursday night, rookie quarterback Brock Osweiler will get his first taste of live NFL action, and he knows exactly how he wants it to go.

Training Camp 2012: Day 14 "
The Broncos practiced one last time on Wednesday morning before heading off to Chicago for their first preseason game.

Broncos' Chris Kuper, Ronnie Hillman may sit out preseason opener - The Denver Post
All but six Broncos on the 90-man preseason roster traveled to Chicago, though a few of those 84 who made the trip likely won't play in the preseason opener against the Bears.

Bronco Birthdays

QB Chris Miller (1999) is 47.

Denver Broncos Videos

Training Camp Day 14: Fox
Head Coach John Fox talks about heading to Chicago for the preseason opener against the Bears.

Bring on the Bears
The Broncos finally get to battle another team Thursday night, while Peyton Manning makes his debut for Denver.

W2W4: Broncos-Bears - ESPN Video - ESPN
Peyton Manning makes his long-awaited Broncos debut when the Bears host Denver on Thursday night.

Is Fighting A Good Thing? - ESPN Video - ESPN
ESPN's Darren Woodson on if fighting during training camp benefits the team.

Video: Rivers wants a championship - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Philip Rivers and Chargers look to get back to the playoffs this year.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Broncos' Peyton Manning again displays penchant for preparation - The Denver Post
By now, we've heard story after story about Peyton Manning's extensive preparations.

Lights, camera ... time for game action for Broncos' Peyton Manning - The Denver Post
Peyton Manning must be an other-worldly quarterback.

Broncos to test middlemen on both offense, defense in preseason opener - The Denver Post
What a radical difference a year makes. A year ago, the Broncos emerged from the NFL lockout having tried to trade quarterback Kyle Orton. They failed.

Preseason openers causing disparity in time spent at training camp - The Denver Post
There is some private grumbling from some head coaches about the current format because it is giving some teams what those coaches consider a competitive advantage.

Broncos go through final preparations for preseason opener at Chicago - The Denver Post
Breaking news from Broncos camp.

Broncos defense prone to yielding "explosive plays" in recent years - The Denver Post
There are plays. There are big plays. And then there are plays that not only change games, but also decide things.

UFC fighter Benson Henderson visits Broncos before big bout
Broncos star Elvis Dumervil and UFC fighter Benson Henderson made a deal Wednesday morning.

Broncos preseason opener TV facts | First-and-Orange — The Denver Post
Sorry, out of town Broncos fans, but the Broncos’ preseason opener at Chicago will not be televised live outside of the Denver and Chicago markets.

Red Miller likes what he sees from Broncos | First-and-Orange — The Denver Post
From his front-row seat in the VIP tent at Dove Valley, former Broncos coach Red Miller got an up-close look at the Broncos Wednesday morning

Osweiler doesn’t care about depth chart, for now | ProFootballTalk
A year after the quarterback depth chart in Denver became the focal point of much of the preseason discussion, it’s attracting far less attention in 2012.

32 Teams in 32 Days: Denver Broncos |
It was a weird year in Denver. Things started slowly with Kyle Orton unable to spark the offense, before the unorthodox style of Tim Tebow and a strong defense pushed the Broncos to the playoffs where they produced one of the bigger upsets of recent years and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Division News

Camp Confidential: San Diego Chargers - AFC West Blog - ESPN
With the outside perception of the San Diego Chargers taking a major tumble, the team, which for so long was built from the inside, changed philosophy in 2012 in a last attempt to keep that proverbial Super Bowl window from slamming shut and causing major upheaval in the organization.

Chiefs hope for better from Baldwin; Chargers seek same from Brown - The Denver Post
The Broncos are fully embroiled in training camp, with all things Dove Valley grabbing headlines. But their AFC brethren have rolled up their sleeves as well.

Recapping this trip: The St. Joseph, Mo. edition (with special guest Eric Berry) -
NFL Blogs on is the only official NFL blog destination for the latest NFL news, NFL fantasy football news, NFL player news, NFL team news, and NFL breaking news. - Chargers sign OTs Davis, Toudouze
The Chargers announced Wednesday that they have signed veteran OTs Anthony Davis and Michael Toudouze. Both signed one-year contracts.

Oakland Raiders relieved Mike Goodson's injury not serious - ESPN
The Oakland Raiders are relieved running back Mike Goodson's neck injury isn't too serious. When they get him back on the field remains to be seen.

Ex-Raiders assistant Randy Hanson arrested for assault | ProFootballTalk
Randy Hanson, the former Raiders assistant who left the coaching staff and later sued the team saying then-head coach Tom Cable had assaulted him, was recently arrested for assault himself.

Report: Raiders adopt lower blackout threshold | ProFootballTalk
The Raiders weren’t blacked out on television for any of their home games last season.

Dennis Allen sees a distinction between "incentive" and "bounty" | ProFootballTalk
During two of the three seasons when the NFL says Gregg Williams was running a bounty program in New Orleans, Dennis Allen was the Saints’ defensive backs coach.

NFL News

When it comes to arrests, NFL shifting concern from PR to W-L mark - NFL -
Respected vets Champ Bailey and Matt Forte acknowledge the problems player arrests bring.

Locked-out officials plan to point out replacement official’s poker past | ProFootballTalk
The good news for the NFL is that the debate regarding replacement officials will soon move on from the question of whether Hall of Fame game referee Craig Ochoa was fired by the Lingerie Football League.

NFL prohibits any gambling by officials | ProFootballTalk
In the wake of catching wind of the NFL Referees Association’s intent to make an issue out of the fact that replacement official Shannon Eastin has participated in the World Series of Poker, - Goodell: More female officials possible
Shannon Eastin could be the first of several female game officials in the league, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Gale Sayers is furious about bounties | ProFootballTalk
Pro Football Hall of Famer Gale Sayers became surprisingly emotional when asked about the Saints’ bounty program in a TV interview, showing anger and sadness and even suggesting that those involved should go to prison.

The Agent vs. The Cap Manager | National Football Post
A look at the guardians of the NFL owners’ money and how to separate it from them.

Expect to see the 'Curl-Flat' route this weekend | National Football Post
In the NFL preseason, it's all about basic schemes to start.

Go Broncos!

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