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Mile High Report Mug Shots

Photo by Kaptain Kirk 8/9/12

A few days ago, I was asked if I had a pay pal account because a member wished to donate to my expenses for the Denver Broncos Training Camp coverage I have provided for the past 3 seasons. The short answer is, yes I do. I wasn't expecting anything, but there was a reader that made a donation, who isn't a registered commenter, so I have no idea how to thank him.

However, I have had a plan in place that would provide a resource for the swag that MHR has been giving away and plans to do more in the future. Those autographed ball caps from last year probably ran about $50 each by the time gas, the purchase of the hats and shipping costs were totaled up. Since I am on a disability retirement and have a fixed income, that has become a bit more of a burden than I'd like.

The solution I came up with, was to have some MHR coffee mugs made up. That way, anyone who would like to donate for Training Camp expenses and help out with the provision of cool stuff that many of you lack access, could assist in this effort.

To make things perfectly clear, this is not a profit scheme. It is meant to help hold expenses down and possibly provide even better swag for giveaways on this site. Plus, each person gets something awesome for their contribution, so it isn't an empty gesture.


As you can see, we've incorporated the Horse Tracks theme so you can literally have your "Morning Cup of Orange and Blue." I figured that this might be a popular solution because many of you have asked about getting one of these.

The cost of $20 each covers packing and shipping anywhere in the U.S. I can ship overseas, but customs fees will apply.

If you would like to make a donation and receive your own MHR Coffee mug, my pay pal account is

Go Broncos!

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