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NFL Power Rankings Week 2: Where do the Broncos Rank Across the Web?

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Without a doubt, the Broncos HAD to have moved up this week. The Broncos silenced the critics who said Manning could not play and proved the supporters correct. The Broncos are back baby and ready to take the league by storm! Lets take a look though at what the media thinks of the orange and blue.

ESPN: 9 (Last Week: 13)

Was Peyton Manning really wearing a Broncos jersey? Looked like he could've been rocking the Colts' horseshoe. Impressive.

Strange thing is, I agree. I think it is finally sitting in that we have PFM behind center.

Yahoo! Sports - 6

Peyton Manning is back, and Denver's defense is a true force. Perhaps those who picked the Broncos to win it all this season weren't crazy, after all.

I like the sounds of that!

Pro Football Talk - 6 (Last Week - 14)

Even the guy who paid for the Tebow billboards last year has bought a Peyton Manning jersey. - Florio

If you don't have your Manning jersey yet, do it!

SB Nation - 7 (Last Week - 11)

So Peyton Manning looks like the old Peyton Manning. As a chiefs fan, I am very concerned by this. Denver looked legit on Sunday night against a top AFC team in Pittsburgh.

Chiefs are getting worried :)

Bleacher Report - 8 (Last Week: 14)

Peyton Manning showed no signs of rust in his first game in a Broncos uniform in a win over the Steelers. That's not a good sign for the rest of the AFC.

Do not think there was any rust either. If there was rust, it will be scary how good he would be without rust.

New York Daily News - 4 (Last week: 7)

Yes, Peyton Manning makes a difference.

You think?

Colby's Thoughts:

I would put us in the top 10 without a doubt. I will say number seven. We still have some things to prove. Atlanta will be a tough opponent and will be a tough test for our defense. The years previous top teams like the Giants, Pats, 49s, Ravens, Packers all deserve to be higher still and then it gets tough around where we should be.

Where do you guys think we should be?