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Pick 6 Fantasy Football on MHR

Last week, I introduced us all to Pick 6 Football on SB Nation. It's a simple game conceptually, but there is a great deal of skill* involved. Each week we all start with the same budget ($120) and the same goal: put together a combination of players (QB, WR, RB, TE, K & Wild Card) that will score more points than any other.

Remember that popular players (as measured by how often people choose them for this contest) will go up in price, so less popular players will likely be more cost effective.

What's nice about the game is the simplicity. No need to constantly scan the waiver wire, just pick your six players and move on. Don't like your team? No problem, pick a new team the next week. The best part is you can pick your favorite SBNation site to play along with!

Here is how Week 1 in the MHR Group broke down:

1 Lmnbeoch 94.1
2 jcd823 83.0
3 CED423 78.3
4 Truborn19 75.4
5 Bryan Kilpatrick 73.9
6 Gary's Gorillas 73.3
7 Timberwind 72.0
8 gerschwen 72.0
9 Waldo 71.9
10 flabernak 71.7

Over 2500 fans participated last week but let's see if we can surpass that in Week 2! Rosters close at 6:15PM mt! Join NOW!