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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 9/18/12


NFLN: Broncos vs. Falcons Highlights
After intercepting Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning three times in the first quarter the Atlanta Falcons hold off the Broncos' furious comeback to escape with a 27-21 win.

Peyton Manning crashes to Earth in loss to Falcons -
Peyton Manning's first two games with the Denver Broncos have played out like one of those old "Choose Your Own Adventure" books.

Elvis Dumervil says Broncos have "No excuses" about pass rush - Lindsay Jones
The Broncos sacked Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan just one time Monday night, a significant drop off from the pace set last week against Pittsburgh.

Denver Broncos Videos

NFLN: McGahee 2-yard TD
Denver Broncos RB Willis McGahee stretches for the goal line and reaches for a 2-yard touchdown.

NFLN: Thomas Hauls in TD
To end the first half, Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning throws a pass to the corner of the end zone for WR Demaryius Thomas that was originally ruled an incomplete pass, but then reversed to a touchdown.

Broncos TV On Site: Georgia Dome
Chris Hall and Gray Caldwell preview tonight's game against the Falcons from the Georgia Dome in downtown Atlanta.

Denver Broncos Blogs

Notebook: Strong Showing in Trenches
Denver’s run offense and defense showed improvement, Demaryius Thomas’ catch started the comeback and the team is already looking forward to its upcoming test vs. Houston.

Comeback Falls Short in Atlanta
After four first-half turnovers, the Broncos battled back to within six points of the Atlanta Falcons before ultimately falling to 1-1 with a 27-21 loss on Monday Night Football.

Fighting to the Finish
Despite a large deficit and unfavorable circumstances, the Broncos refused to quit and nearly pulled off a late comeback.

Woody Paige: Officially speaking, this one stunk for Broncos in Atlanta - The Denver Post
In a chaotic, confusing, confounding National Fools Ball mess Monday night, the replacement officials lost control; the league lost credibility, and the Broncos lost their way.

Demaryius Thomas again has big receiving game for Broncos - The Denver Post
Stay hot, Demaryius Thomas.

Bradley: Mike Nolan's Atlanta No-Names outduel older Peyton Manning - The Denver Post
ESPN tried to throw a Peyton party Monday night. Some guys wearing red almost turned it into a pity party.

Falcons' defense proves itself Manning-ready against Broncos - The Denver Post
Peyton Manning's first pass was almost intercepted by the Falcons. That was the good news for the Broncos.

For Broncos' defense, a choice night against Atlanta - The Denver Post - Jeff Legwold
Defense is always about choices. It's about choices of when to blitz and when not to blitz, choices about how to cover everybody an offense sends at you in these pass-crazed times.

Broncos RB Willis McGahee rushes for 113 yards to provide spark - The Denver Post
When everything else seemed amiss with the Broncos' offense, at least it had Willis McGahee.

What Peyton Manning, Broncos said after Denver's 27-21 loss in Atlanta - The Denver Post
After the Denver Broncos lost to the host Atlanta Falcons on Monday, 27-21, players and coaches responded. Here's what they had to say:

Keith Brooking not surprised by boos in Atlanta homecoming - Lindsay Jones
It wasn’t the boos that caught Keith Brooking off guard Monday night when he returned to the stadium where he played 11 seasons for the Falcons.

Linebacker Joe Mays was Broncos only reported injury | First-and-Orange - Jeff Legwold
Things can always change after a long flight and an early-morning arrival, but Broncos coach John Fox said linebacker Joe Mays suffered the only injury in Monday night’s loss

Depleted Falcons secondary works over Peyton Manning | ProFootballTalk
Peyton Manning against an injury depleted Falcons secondary wasn’t supposed to be a close call.

Peyton Manning's three picks fuels Falcons' win -
Matt Ryan threw his 100th career touchdown pass, Roddy White had 102 yards receiving and the Atlanta Falcons defeated the Denver Broncos and error-prone quarterback Peyton Manning 27-21 on Monday night.

Denver Broncos vs. Atlanta Falcons live: Manning on MNF for road test - The Denver Post
Its time for the Broncos second prime time showdown of 2012. The Broncos, who scored 31 points in last weeks season-opening win against Pittsburgh, have traveled to Atlanta to play a team that scored 40 last week.

Broncos’ comeback falls short in Atlanta | ProFootballTalk
In the end, Peyton Manning had dug himself and the Broncos too big a hole in the first quarter to climb out of before the end of the fourth quarter. - Monday night has been a source of success for Manning
It comes as no surprise that the most high-profile free agent in NFL history, Peyton Manning, opens his NFL season with back-to-back prime-time games.

Matt Ryan on Peyton Manning: Every QB wants to be where he is | ProFootballTalk
After watching film of Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning last week, several players on the Falcons’ defense said

Meet your Monday Night Football replacement referees Broncos-Falcons - Lindsay Jones
For everyone’s sake, here’s hoping there are no officiating issues in tonight’s Monday Night Football game between the Broncos and Falcons. This was an Omen-KK.

Peyton Manning outgunned by Matt Ryan as Broncos lose to Falcons - The Denver Post - Mike Klis
Maybe, just maybe, the NFL is ready to complete its transition of elite-tier quarterbacks.

Wrap-up: Falcons 27, Broncos 21 - AFC West Blog - ESPN
A look at a sloppy 27-21 loss for the Denver Broncos on Monday night in Atlanta:

Division News - AFC West Spin cycle: Week Two
The Chiefs and Raiders not only failed to bounce back from Week One losses, but looked miserable in Week Two blowouts.

Moving on: San Diego Chargers - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Here are some areas the San Diego Chargers need to focus on after a 38-10 home win over the Tennessee Titans on Sunday:

Ryan Mathews set to return - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Barring a setback, it looks like Ryan Mathews’ wait is over. - Chargers re-sign OG Wells
The Chargers re-signed veteran OG Reggie Wells on Monday, the club said.

Moving on: Kansas City Chiefs - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Here are some areas the Kansas City Chiefs need to focus on after a 35-17 road loss at Buffalo on Sunday:

Jamaal Charles struggling with rebuilt left knee | ProFootballTalk
As if the Chiefs didn’t have enough problems, one of their playmakers isn’t able to make them.

Romeo Crennel will continue double duty - AFC West Blog - ESPN
We knew this was coming. Kansas City Chiefs coach and defensive coordinator Romeo Crennel is being put on the hot seat.

An 0-2 start has the knives out for Scott Pioli in K.C. | ProFootballTalk
The Chiefs got some notice in preseason playoff predictions, including the ones handed in by this writer for this website, in large part because it looked like they had a good defense.

Kansas City Chiefs limited Jamaal Charles for reconstructed knee - ESPN
Kansas City Chiefs running back Jamaal Charles dinged up the same knee that needed reconstructive surgery last season during Sunday's 35-17 loss to the Buffalo Bills.

Moving on: Oakland Raiders - AFC West Blog - ESPN
Here are some areas the Oakland Raiders need to focus on after a 35-13 road loss at the Miami Dolphins on Sunday:

Raiders are strapped at CB - AFC West Blog - ESPN
The previous Oakland Raiders’ regime reportedly had planned to move Michael Huff from safety to cornerback.

Darren McFadden remains confident he can succeed in Raiders scheme | ProFootballTalk
The Raiders got blown out by the Dolphins on Sunday and one of the biggest reasons why was their total inability to run the ball in the second half.

NFL News - GMC Never Say Never
Vote every week for your favorite GMC Never Say Never Moments - Pepsi Rookie of the Week 2012
Vote for the Rookie of the week. - FedEx Players Air and Ground

The Replacements

Mark Kiszla: These scab NFL officials have not earned stripes - The Denver Post
Hey, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. We beg you to stop this madness before there's a riot on the field among angry, 300-pound men in helmets.

With Replacement Refs, Is N.F.L. Making Mockery of the Game? -
It’s not working. Anyone who watched the Falcons-Broncos game on Monday night could see that. The replacement officials are not at fault; the N.F.L. has put them in an almost impossible situation.

Replacement refs embarrass the NFL on Monday Night Football | ProFootballTalk
There’s no sugar-coating it: The replacement officials working Monday Night Football are an embarrassment.

Shoddy, inconsistent officiating making NFL games hard to enjoy - Peter King -
Last week I thought the replacement officials were adequate. Watching football Sunday, I felt like a passenger in a car going 20 miles an hour too fast on a mountain road with hairpin turns

Official in Seahawks-Cardinals game had Seahawks ties | ProFootballTalk
Lost in Sunday’s report regarding the league’s decision to pull a Saints fan/replacement official from Sunday’s game between the Saints and the Panthers is the fact that the league didn’t pull an official from Week One’s Seahawks-Cardinals game who has more tangible ties to one of the teams involved. story on Week One officiating memo disappears (and reappears) | ProFootballTalk
In a move that calls into question the independence of the league-owned media conglomerate known generally as "NFL Media," a key story regarding the ongoing officiating lockout has been removed from the website — and a reference to that story has been scrubbed from a related article.

NFL statement: Replacement refs "are performing admirably" | ProFootballTalk
After a Sunday night and Monday morning in which NFL officiating was ripped by players, the media and fans across America, the league has come forward with a statement defending the performance of the replacement officials.

Stropolo on the shelf pending league review | ProFootballTalk
Not only will Brian Stropolo not be calling any Saints games anytime soon, he won’t be calling any NFL games.

NFL tells Vilma: Williams confirmed you put a bounty on Favre | ProFootballTalk
The NFL’s most explosive claim against any of the players it suspended in the Saints bounty investigation was that linebacker Jonathan Vilma offered $10,000 to any teammate who could knock Brett Favre out of the 2010 NFC Championship Game.

Miscellaneous Stuff - Teams keep searching for 'elite' QB
By now, I’m sure you know that 10 of the 32 starting quarterbacks on opening day of the 2012 NFL regular season were either rookies (five) or second-year players (five).

NFL Regular Season - 6 no wins; 3 no worries, 3 no way |
There are 6 NFL teams with nary a win for their efforts after Week 2 of the 2012 NFL Regular Season; Cleveland Browns, Jacksonville Jaguars, Tennessee Titans, Oakland Raiders, Kansas City Chiefs, New Orleans Saints.

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