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NFL & Referee's Continue To Negotiate Late Into Tuesday Evening

The good news (if there is any) is that word came out that the league and the referees union were engaged in negotiations on Saturday and Sunday.

The two sides continued today to talk and continued late into Tuesday evening. Any news is good news when it comes to this situation that needs to get solved as soon as possible. So far, zero progress has been made.

Judy Battista, an NFL writer for the New York Post tweeted Tuesday night the following:

Brace yourselves: a person with knowledge of the negotiations says NFL owners are dug in and opposed to further compromise.

Just like the players and owners lockout, it appears that this will get worse before it gets better. But have we already hit rock bottom?

Several games are being effected by this and one game was blatantly decided by one of the most poor officiating calls in recent memory.