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NFL Power Rankings Week 4: Where do the Broncos Rank Across the Web?

The Broncos have lost two games in a row against two elite teams in the NFL. What has that done to their power rankings across the NFL?

Ron Chenoy-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

After their second straight loss, the Broncos are sure to take a drop in the irrelevant but interesting power rankings. Last week the Broncos averaged around the 11 mark so lets see where they are at this time.

ESPN - 14 (Last week 10)

The Broncos can't spot their opponents 20-point leads in the fourth quarter and expect Peyton Manning to bail them out.

Pro Football Talk - 13

Peyton Manning is very happy that Joe Mays plays for the Broncos.

CBS Sports - Prisco - 19 (Last week 13)

Two losses to perhaps the two best teams have the Broncos at 1-2 and the rippers coming after Peyton Manning.

Fox Sports - Billick - 17 (Last week 12)

Peyton Manning may have gone for another 300 yard passing game on Sunday, but I don't think I saw him throw even one tight spiral on that day. He can be even better, and he needs to be.

Yahoo! Sports - 15

Perhaps we, or maybe just I, got a little too excited about Denver after one win. Peyton Manning can only do so much by himself, after all.

Rant Sports - 18 (Last week 11)

If the Broncos can figure out how to play at a high level and not just when trailing big in the second half then they could be one of the scarier teams in the league.

So it appears as if the Broncos are all over the board from 13 down to 19. I have us around the 15 mark. It is so tough because teams like Green Bay, New England, and Pittsburgh are all 1-2. I would like to see the 4th quarter offense throughout the rest of the game from Mike McCoy....Seemed like we said that a lot last year too.