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Adam Schefter Reports NFL, NFLRA Agreement In Principle At Hand

It may all be over soon. Both sides have made enough progress that they feel the refs could possibly be back on the field on Sunday for week 4.

An agreement in principle is at hand meaning this situation will be all over pretty quickly. A source says the difference between the two sides is "about $2."

It is still unsure when exactly the referees could be back out if the deal is reached right away. As said above, one source says the referees could be back this Sunday while another says it would take another week to get them back on the field despite them all being trained under the brand new rules.

Both sides have been meeting since 8AM MST and the talks should continue through the day.

Also as I wrote earlier in the day, there will be a 21-member "taxi-squad" being developed to referee in the future. These members cannot be subbed in due to illness or any other circumstance.

Roger Goodell wants the power to "bench" a referee who doesn't perform well but apparently the NFLRA says it can already be done since one to four crews already do not referee each week.

The NFLRA also wants an expert committee that's primary goal would be to improve referee performance.

As fans of the Broncos, lets hope this deal gets done and the officials are back on the field this Sunday so the Raiders have no excuse when we stampede over them.