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Thursday Night Open Thread: Cleveland Browns at Baltimore Ravens

The replacement referees are gone and the real referees are back. Tonight's game marks the first time that the regular referees will take the field. Will Trent Richardson's emergence be enough to take down the Baltimore Ravens? We'll find out tonight

Evan Habeeb-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Since the replacement referees have been replaced by the "real" referees, we can focus on the game, at hand.

The Ravens and Browns play their second game in 4 days. For the Ravens, it's an especially interesting game, given that they played in Sunday night's thriller against the Patriots.

There was much discussion about Bill Belichick laying his hands on a ref after the game ended, but even more impetus was put on Torrey Smith's performance after the death of his brother. The courage he showed when he took the field on Sunday night and scored 2 touchdowns less than 24 hours after his brother was killed in a motorcycle accident was nothing short of awe inspiring. It drew comparisons of Brett Favre, who played an outstanding Monday night football game against the Raiders after the passing of his father, Irvin Favre.

Trent Richardson had a coming out party, last week, against the Bengals. Now, he will face Ray Lewis and the rest of the Ravens defense. Will he and Brandon Weeden be able to do enough to outscore Joe Flacco and the Ravens offense? I guess we'll find out, shortly.

Use this comment thread to talk about the game and any