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Broncos Center JD Walton Breaks Ankle: Likely Done for the Year

JD Walton is likely out for the year after suffering a broken ankle against the Raiders. Dan Koppen will replace him as the Broncos return to New England to face his former team, the Patriots.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

This sours the win, quite a bit. JD Walton is likely out for the year with a broken ankle. When the injury happened and the replay was shown, I mentioned that it looked an awful lot like the Chris Kuper injury from last season.

JD Walton has started every game for the Broncos since 2010, so this loss will have ripples throughout the rest of this season. Hopefully, Dan Koppen can fill in, nicely, after being signed by the Broncos earlier this month after being cut by the Patriots. He spent 9 years in New England, snapping the ball to signal caller, Tom Brady.

The Broncos face Tom Brady and the Patriots next week.