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Second Annual Best Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tournament Set To Begin

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Hello Denver Broncos fans and welcome to my first post on the MHR front page. After a terribly long wait, I'm pleased to announce that the 2nd Annual Best Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tournament is set to begin on Wednesday! We will have a new match-up for you every Wednesday this year (unless otherwise stated), and the results will be given on the following Saturday. Before we dive head first into this year's contest, here's one last look at what has changed since last year.

Last year's winners

First of all, I thought it'd be good to honor last year's winners. For those of you who followed the contest, you'll remember that I screwed up the final vote by adding pictures that could be considered unfair. You have my word that won't happen again. So, those of you who want to remember Nikki in 1st place have every right to do so. We also never had an actual third place match, but judging from past vote totals, the choice was pretty obvious to me. In the future, we will actually vote for this place. But, without further adieu, here are last years winners for one last look:

The retirees

While there are seven cheerleaders who aren't returning this year, one in particular hurts the most. Nikki is no longer with our squad. This ruins all chances at a second chance for her to win the contest or even get a fair re-vote between her and Patricia.That said, all seven will be missed and I'm terribly sorry if one of your favorites is among them.

The Rookies

The only thing that can take away the pain of losing seven of our cheerleaders is taking a quick peak at the seven who replaced them. And let me be the first to say, we did one helluva great job filling their shoes. I can't wait to see how far some of these ladies will make it.

The Bracket

There was a lot of debate last year as to how to properly fill out the bracket. Last year I used a random number generator and the women fell where they did. For this season, there were plenty of ideas on how we could properly judge their positions, but it seemed like they would all take way too long. So, I decided to let you judge for the most part where they go. This years bracket follows last year's voting. The higher they placed/more votes they got, the better position they were placed. The seven rookies filled in the bottom seven spots with a random number generator hopefully giving the vets a little bit of an edge, unless the rookies truly deserve to move on. Here's how the bracket came out (and just like last year, you can click on the image to see the full bracket).

So that pretty much sums up what we have to look forward to this year. Let me know anything else you'd like to see this year or any problems. And as always, go Broncos!

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