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Do You Like Mile High Report: How About Some Feedback?

As you know, Mile High Report is part of Sports Blog Nation (SB Nation). They are responsible for the construction and ongoing upkeep of over 323 Blog sites on this platform. From time to time, our sponsor Comcast/XFinity likes to see how our partnership can improve.

We (the MHR staff) believe that this is the most dynamic and dominating set up in the entire Sports Blogging community. With that in mind, the Mother ship would like some feedback from Broncos Country. If you can spare the time, please participate.

We’re interested in learning your opinion of how SB Nation is doing, particularly with regard to some of the companies that we’ve teamed up with as a way of supporting the site. We’ve created a very brief survey (1-2 minutes) and would appreciate it if you would consider taking it to help us gauge our performance. Click the link below to take the survey. Thank you for your time and consideration!

GO Broncos!