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2012 NFL Weekly Picks - An MHR Reader and Staffer Choose (The Contestants)

2012 Contest Hats, picture by Brian Shrout
2012 Contest Hats, picture by Brian Shrout

We are just about there. The Broncos will very shortly begin their defense of their AFC West title. In a similar fashion, the MHR Readers will begin their defense of their win in the "2011 NFL Picks - An MHR Reader and Staffer Choose" contest. If you recall, the Readers edged the Staffers by just a single game in last year's face-off. Way to go, Readers. The Staffers have vowed to come out strong and avenge their loss.

Last year, when the contest was announced, I had forty-two Readers submit their names for consideration. Those names were placed in a bowl and seventeen were drawn at random -- one for each week of the 2011 NFL season. This year, I had an astounding seventy-eight (78) Readers submit their names. I wish that I could include all of them, but sadly, only seventeen will again be drawn from the hat.

As I mentioned above the jump, the seventy-two names were written on little pieces of paper and placed in one of the autographed hats provided by Kirk Davis. Seventeen names were drawn and the slate was set for this year's competition:

Week Reader Staffer
1 H-Bizzle Kirk Davis
2 Fabio Brazil Sayre Bedinger
3 SoCalBroncoFan Troy Hufford
4 Tomeboy58801 Topher Doll
5 Hogblog John Bena
6 March20 Jess Place
7 Greg.Morton.32 Colby Mueller
8 ThollHouse88 Zach Eckels
9 J-Dog Scott Payne
10 PR_Rasta Stephen Rabon
11 FirstFan Zach Sheely
12 Calikula Topher Doll
13 YouAreSignedIn Colby Mueller
14 Jaffe28 Jess Place
15 58_VonDoom_92 Scott Payne
16 Clutch! Topher Doll
17 SFK Troy Hufford

Good Luck to all, and let the games begin!!!