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Open Thread: NFL Week 1 Early Games

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Greetings, Broncos fans! Welcome to the 2012 NFL Regular Season!

Are you excited? I know that I am.

Although the Broncos don't play until later tonight, we can consider the rest of these games as a crescendo to the Broncos vs Steelers matchup, tonight. There are 9 early games, 3 afternoon games, the Sunday night matchup and then 2 Monday night games.

Here are the games for today:

Early Games

Indianapolis Colts at Chicago Bears
Philadelphia Eagles at Cleveland Browns
St. Louis Rams at Detroit Lions
Miami Dolphins at Houston Texans
Atlanta Falcons at Kansas City Chiefs
Jacksonville Jaguars at Minnesota Vikings
Washington Redskins at New Orleans Saints
Buffalo Bills at New York Jets
New England Patriots at Tennessee Titans

Afternoon Games

Seattle Seahawks at Arizona Cardinals
San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers
Carolina Panthers at Tampa Bay Buccaneers