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Ronnie Hillman to open camp as the starter at RB

Hillman the week one starter?


According to the Denver Post second year running back Ronnie Hillman will start Training Camp as the starter at tailback. He starts ahead of second round pick Montee Ball and veteran Knowshon Moreno. Now the question is, can he keep the starting job? Hillman has obvious size limitations, and is widely viewed as a change of pace back. Also Montee Ball has been repeatedly called a "workhorse" type back who could carry the ball 20-25 times a game, and Knowshon Moreno showed last year that he could carry the load as well.

I think it comes down to a few things. One obviously being production, two being pass protection and three being health. I think whoever looks the best during practices and the preseason will get the nod come week one, but like i said that's a obvious prediction. Pass protection is important in a Peyton Manning offense. It's what kept Ronnie Hillman off the field last season. If Hillman continues to improve in that department, the more likely he'll see the field more. This same thing goes for Ball. If he struggles with pass protection he will not see the field. Moreno is very good at pass protection, so the coaches trust him. Injuries could unfortunately be a determining factor at the tailback position. It's a taxing position. Hillmans size and Morenos injury history could potentially be issues during camp and the preseason. Montee Ball has been fairly healthy throughout his college career, and we can hope he continues that into his pro career.

My prediction is that Montee Ball will get the week one start against Baltimore. I still think we'll see plenty of Ronnie Hillman and Knowshon Moreno though. Ultimately we could see a running back by committee role develop in Denver. Whoever has the hot hand will get the ball. Obviously time will tell.

Who do you guys think gets the starting nod week one against Baltimore?