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Where Do The Broncos Rank Around The Web: Playoffs Baby!

The Broncos earned their first round bye and have this week off going into the playoffs winning 11 straight. Surely we are number one in all the rankings right?


SB Nation - 1 (Last week: 2)

This is the best team in the NFL. The focus is on Peyton Manning and the fact they scored over 30 points nine times in their 11-game win streak. But this is a top-five defense too. They did lose to the Patriots in the Texans earlier this year, and they'll likely play one of those teams in the postseason. - 1 (Last week: 2)

Well deserved. This space has been flooded with disgust, venom and vitriol because the Denver Broncos were not ranked No. 1 in previous weeks. I've been hearing regurgitated stats and receiving pie charts on Twitter reflecting this team's greatness. People have superimposed Sammy Winder jerseys on my Facebook profile picture. Thing is, Denver earned this lofty status by taking care of business. i.e., beating lesser teams handily. More importantly, the Broncos get the nod because of the development of a ground game; 593 yards rushing and six touchdown over the past four games is no joke.

ESPN - 1 (Last week: 1)

Eleven straight wins and counting. The second season begins.

Fox Sports - 1 (last week: 1)

The Broncos 11th straight win moved them into the No.1 overall seed in the AFC Playoffs. They have won each of those 11 games by at least seven points and are the hottest team heading into the postseason.

It seems like a lot of sites don't do power rankings anymore because they were hard to find. The American Press had us number one as well. This is pretty exciting. Most likely it will come down to us against the Patriots in Denver but we should not take our first game lightly. It will be tough. Take it one game at a time. We have the momentum to do this and I am super excited for it. A lot of times, it is not the best team that wins in the playoffs, its the hottest team. Fortunately. I believe we are both.