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2013 Hall Of Fame Class: Denver Broncos Snubbed Once Again

17 finalists named, no Broncos

The Hall of Fame Selection Committee has announced the 17 finalists for the 2013 class to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Denver Broncos legend Terrell Davis is not one of them. Neither are Steve Atwater or Karl Mecklenburg. Or John Lynch.

The 15 modern finalists and 2 Senior recommendations are:

So I guess the biased committee thinks it's acceptable to let dope fiends (Carter), Swindlers (DeBartolo), under achievers (Sapp) and nobodies (Robinson and Williams) into their exclusive club. What a farce. If these guys can make a final list of the (allegedly) elite, then I question the qualifications of the Committee members.

I guess that's why it's in Ohio.

Go Broncos!

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