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KB Rant: Open Letter to Broncos Safety Rahim Moore

After the heartbreaking loss, Rahim Moore apologized to players and fans for his mistake that cost the Broncos an AFC Championship opportunity. To the fans who are calling for him to be cut or traded, go root for the Raiders. It was just one play.

Chris Humphreys-US PRESSWIRE

Hey Rahim Moore,

Sorry for the loss. It hurt me to watch the Broncos lose as much as it hurt you to be on the field and lose.

I am frustrated. I'm frustrated that the Broncos lost. I'm a huge fan of the team and have been for all of my life. This loss hurt more than any loss I can remember. The embarrassing loss to the Raiders a few years ago is right up there, as well as the 1996 loss to the Jaguars. You probably don't know much about that and I don't expect you to.

Anyways... back to my letter.

Rahim, you're a young player. You are 22 years old. I am 22 years old. Heck, you're not quite a month older than me. I can't imagine being in your position. You feel like you let the team down. You feel like you let your coaches down. You feel like you let the fans down.

You did.

You aren't wrong. You let them down.

But take heart!!! You weren't the only one. Champ Bailey, a 10 time pro bowler and future Hall of Famer, was burned twice in that game by Torrey Smith. Rahim, you were only burned one time. Sure, the timing was awful and it was probably your only responsibility, but it's not that bad. It was one play. Like Champ said after the game, everyone had a chance during the defense's 70 something plays to make a difference.

It's not the end of the world. It's not the end of your career in Denver. It's not the end of your playoff hopes. It's not the end. Period.

You will have opportunities to make big plays in the future. Not even that far in the future. This whole NFL train comes back around in a few months. What you need to do right now is use the playoff loss as motivation for your future. Never get beat the same way twice.

I'm rooting for you, Rahim Moore. You're a good player and you have great character. Owning up to the blame like you did the other night and apologizing to everyone via the media... that's a classy move. You have my respect. I wish you success in the future and hope you'll use this heartbreak as a learning opportunity.


Troy Hufford

P.S. If you have Broncos fans on twitter or on the street that are talking your ear off and talking negatively about you, don't worry about it. Fans are a fickle bunch and don't always see things for what they are. "Fan" is short for "fanatical", after all, and that's exactly how they behave. The truth of the matter is, Rahim... you are a human and you are not perfect. You will make mistakes. That's life.

I'll leave you with a quote.

Even a mistake may turn out to be the one thing necessary to a worthwhile achievement.

- Henry Ford